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Do you have a gym and would like to offer fitness classes to your members? Whether it’s on-site or live coaching, and whether your clients are in your gym or at home, there are different ways to offer courses adapted to your members. Online courses are more and more in fashion, and we are seeing the advent of home-based courses. This is why being able to offer distance learning courses has become an important issue in the fitness world. Yoga, cardio, or even body weight training can be practiced at a distance, with the help of a coach, real or virtual. Our specialists, specialized in the world of sports practice, offer the latest solutions in this field to stay at the cutting edge of what is done in fitness rooms. If you wish to stay on a real course offer in your gym only, our resellers also offer a wide range of accessories allowing the practice of sports and a successful course between the coach and his students. Because good sports practice requires reliable and quality equipment, we have selected our suppliers for the quality of their products. Discover their range now.

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Do you want to have a new flooring installed in your sports hall? Discover the best specialists to carry out your project. Slab, PVC, parquet, specific type of floor, our suppliers will be able to meet all your expectations and offer you the best choice to fit out your sports hall in the best possible way.

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