Motivation for sport: our best tips

Sometimes the motivation leaves us and reconnecting with it can be complicated. For your future fitness session and your life in general, here are our best tips to convince her to stay with you whether it’s raining, windy or snowing.


Fixing an interesting lens…


If I had to talk to a beginner sportsman, I would say: don’t set too ambitious a goal, it would be the best way to discourage you and give up the sport for good !




But if you’re reading this, then you’re certainly a regular athlete. You’ve probably gone through many stages from a sporting point of view.

But you still need to keep setting goals! These will allow you to evolve and to always remain motivated!

You may have forgotten it and yet, setting a goal for your training in fitness running or any other discipline will help you to maintain your motivation.

Determine a number of abs to achieve at each training session, organize a competition with your partner or sign up for a more official sporting event such as a marathon.

Mentally establishing a course with a precise goal is ideal to boost your motivation.  Like, for example, a session with a different exercise before participating in an event. You can even represent this fitness path on a diagram, in this way, the path to be achieved will become concrete.


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Change your habits


Repeating the same exercises over and over again at each workout can be tiring. Don’t hesitate to modify (even slightly) your workout in order to break the routine.




For example, you could do the following:

— Vary the weights during your strength training;

— Use a machine that you are not used to in the gym;

— Opt for a different path for your running;

— Incorporate a new type of exercise into your workout.

A little novelty during your training will bring the dynamism you need. Thus, without realizing it, or almost without realizing it, you will have practiced a new fitness session. You will have understood it, getting motivated in sport can sometimes be simpler than it seems.

Play it together


Who said that playing indoor sports was necessarily an individual activity? Don’t stay alone in your corner!




Encourage a friend, colleague or family member to play sports with you. Another registered member of the gym may enjoy training with you. Without becoming a fierce competitor, stimulate your sessions with challenges in order to maintain your motivation. Also, if you are a couple, you can take advantage of this opportunity to work out as a couple.

You will be able to motivate each other, exchange tips and tricks to improve your training and maybe even discover new exercises.

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Quotes for top motivation!


When the routine sets in, finding the motivation to go to the gym can be really hard to find. If you don’t necessarily have one or more people to motivate you in your physical activity, you can always get inspiration from the greats!




A good quote or a good proverb can sometimes give you a boost and even become your motto to get you back in the saddle and get you to the gym pumped up! It may seem light-hearted to you, but even the biggest kids have been inspired by their idols to reach their goals. Great sportsmen, politicians, actors etc…there is no shortage of sources to find inspiration.

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Cult music and movies to motivate yourself 


We all have a playlist of music or a cult movie that gives us that extra energy that motivates us to reach for the top.


Motivation and music are bound to go together when it comes to sports. Rhythmic music, with a fast tempo and a dynamic flow will push the most recalcitrant ones to do a series of more or to redouble their efforts to complete their series of exercises.




Whether it’s for weight training or cardio, there’s bound to be a movie about it. Boxing films are obviously the most common when it comes to motivation in sports. Movies like Rocky or Alli are “must to watch” if you lose your motivation.

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buy new equipment


Brand new running shoes, new equipment, these are sources of motivation that can help you stay motivated. You’ll want to try on your new equipment right away!




While paying attention to your expenses, buying new sports items can improve your performance in your sport, and also make your training more enjoyable.

Des applis qui boostent votre entrainement


Que ce soit pour enregistrer votre parcours de running, votre séance de fitness, pour obtenir des conseils ou pour se motiver au sport en musique, il existe de nombreuses applications.

Faciles d’utilisations, beaucoup sont gratuites et les autres possèdent en général une version d’essai. Ces véritables assistants virtuels vous permettront de suivre votre progression, vous motiver, et rester connecté à vos objectifs sportifs.




Se motiver au sport est essentiel pour atteindre n’importe quel objectif. Alors, trouvez votre objectif, visualisez-le, croyez en vous-même, soyez constant et faites-vous plaisir de temps en temps. Si vous remplissez toutes ces conditions, vous finirez sûrement par réussir dans le sport et dans la vie en général.

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