Choosing the right bodybuilding equipment

It can be difficult to know how to choose the right weight training equipment when running a gym. There are so many different types of sports training equipment, with or without options, simple or multifunctional. Find all our advice on how to choose the next piece of weight training equipment that you install in your sports space. Whether you are a gym manager, a sports coach or a private individual wishing to create your own gym at home, here are our tips to make the right choices.

Essential weight training equipment



For a top gym, there are a few weight training machines that are a must. In order to provide users with an ideal workout, we must ask ourselves what they need as athletes.

he choice of your future equipment depends mainly on the concept of your gym, your budget and the equipment you already have. Choosing the right gym equipment is above all a matter of common sense and knowledge of your sports club members or customers. Some people will want to tone the lower body, while others will want to strengthen the upper body.

 Whether your clients are new or experienced in physical activity, the acquisition of specific equipment is necessary. Some equipment is accessible to all profiles while others are reserved for regular practitioners.  

 Beginners and experienced athletes will not have the same needs and the same level, so it is important to evaluate the goals of your subscribers in order to provide the best equipment.

 Men, women, young and old will appreciate being able to train with all kinds of equipment over time and as their sporting goals progress. There are many machines available to effectively muscle all parts of the body. You are bound to find the right professional bodybuilding equipment for your gym or to accompany your clients with the best equipment for home coaching.

Encourage your members and treat yourself to a large collection of bodybuilding equipment and gym equipment.

Start by installing sports equipment for upper body, abdominal, biceps, shoulder and back training:


  • Weight bars;
  • weight stations;
  • weights and a complete dumbbell set;
  • multi-function bodybuilding equipment;

A wide variety of buttock and lower body strength machines are also available:

  • treadmill and slope treadmill;
  • elliptical bike;
  • stair machine for gym use;


Regular sportsmen and women will appreciate the arrival of new equipment for a state-of-the-art fitness trail. Some bodybuilding machines can be versatile and can be used to strengthen both upper and lower limbs.

For an optimal sports experience, don’t hesitate to offer a wide variety of different types of bodybuilding equipment, so that all your subscribers will be able to find the right bodybuilding equipment for their sports training! Whether they prefer to strengthen the upper, lower or entire body, athletes will have the king’s choice to achieve an athletic figure.

Equipment for home coaching is more and more in demand. The same equipment used in gyms can be selected. Some clients may wish to set up a room in their home as a real fitness training room. In this case, as a sports coach, your advice will be welcome.

Multifunctional strength training equipment is becoming more and more popular and shows the progress of manufacturers to be able to offer ever more sophisticated equipment for beginners and top athletes.

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The weight bar



Each athlete has specific needs with regard to the weight bar. Equip your gym with a wide selection of weight bars for optimal workouts. Users will be able to define the program that suits them with this fitness accessory. 

There are a variety of different weight bars available for different types of exercises. It can be advantageous to present these multiple pieces of equipment to your gym subscribers or clients during sports coaching sessions. This makes it easy to work the muscles in depth according to your objective:


  • short weight bar (generally used for dumbbells);
  • long pull bar used to train the pectorals as well as the back or thighs;
  • curved bar or curl bar, recognizable by its unique shape, perfect for working the muscles of the upper limbs;
  • Tricep bar also recognizable by its specific shape.


These bars can all be used, depending on the person’s level. The choice of a bar is also made according to the objectives set and the muscular areas that you wish to gain. The weight bar can be used for simple pull-ups or as part of an exercise or training program.

The sports coach or the centre’s instructor can encourage the user to do certain types of exercises depending on the objective and the level of physical practice. The strength bar is an effective way to develop muscular strength. There are of course inexpensive models of weight bars, but your final choice of weight bars should be based on the criteria defined by the users.

If you run a gym that is open to everyone, then it may be interesting to offer multiple weight bars for your subscribers’ sports training. Some weight bars are adjustable in length which can be an asset to adapt to the user’s physical condition and needs.

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The weight bench



The weight bench allows an efficient workout. Not all weight benches are the same. Some benches allow you to work mainly the upper part of the body, while other weight benches give you the opportunity to strengthen the lower body. It is also possible to find other models that are versatile and offer a comprehensive workout for all muscles. A weight bench can be used by beginners as well as advanced athletes.

Whether you are a home sports coach, a club manager or a private individual who wants to set up his own gym, your choice of weight bench will have to take several points into account. The structure of the weight bench must be strong enough to support the people who will want to use it and the weights. The stability and solidity of your equipment are points to be favoured when making your choice. The safety and comfort of the user is at stake. Your sports equipment must be as reliable as possible.

The seat must be comfortable enough, neither too hard nor too thick to allow good stability for the athlete.

Choose a bench that suits your training objectives or those of your clients. Some benches allow more options than others depending on the model, so it’s up to you to decide which one is right for upper body or lower body work. You may consider taking one or more machines depending on the number of subscribers and their preferences.

The multi-function weight bench can help train a wide range of muscle areas, which can be beneficial. Some benches have the guided weight option while others allow the use of dumbbells.

The size of the weight bench is also an important feature to consider. The space around your equipment must be sufficient for optimal comfort of use. Ease of maintenance for you or your team is also a priority.

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Weight training weights



Bodybuilding weights are a must for both gym managers and sports coaches. True symbol of muscle mass gain, there are different types of dumbbells. The use of a weight bar may require assistance for the practice of exercises, which is not the case with bodybuilding weights.

The fixed weight dumbbells called “fitness” or “Pilates” are often perfect for beginners or for gentle muscle strengthening. Increasingly colourful and “design”, these trendy dumbbells are mainly used to strengthen the upper limbs, arm muscles and shoulders (biceps, triceps). These weights are perfect to be used during a fitness class (Pilates, some Zumba movements).

These fixed weight dumbbells can also be used for rehabilitation sessions as sports equipment for physiotherapists or with a sports coach following an operation for example.


Adjustable weights with cast iron discs


Cast iron, often in the form of discs, can be added to the dumbbell bar as desired. The sportsman chooses the weights to reach his sporting goal. A locking system (bolts or clips) holds the disc in place. The user can then adjust the weight to be lifted according to his goal.

  • It is preferable to choose a reliable and quality material to favour comfort of use and safety.
  • There are as many weights as there are sporting goals.
  • Many of the exercises that can be performed with a barbell can also be performed with a dumbbell.


The case of the Kettlebell


These funny balls with a handle are a must for today’s and tomorrow’s sportsmen and women and offer an ergonomic grip ideal for various fitness exercises.

Pilates fans particularly appreciate this accessory. As with the dumbbells, the kettlebell can weigh from 1 kg to over 20 kg depending on the model.

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Weight stations



The weight station can be very simple or very sophisticated and the choice from one model to another can take several factors into account.

The best weight station will obviously be the one that meets your sports needs and those of your subscribers and clients. A simple weight station model will be very satisfying for a beginner who will be able to tame it and get used to the equipment. A weight station that offers many options will be perfect for regular athletes who can use the different workstations to strengthen their muscles. The most complete stations allow you to work as many muscles as possible. All parts of the body can be used and trained thanks to a multifunctional professional weight station.

The most ergonomic models are to be preferred to offer the best possible comfort to sportsmen and women during the fitness session. The seating should be sufficient to accommodate all user profiles likely to use this equipment in your gym. Some machines offer dumbbells while others have a guided weight station. The resistance and stability of a premium machine will be greatly appreciated as well as its ease of maintenance and are characteristics to be taken into account when choosing a weight station.

Don’t hesitate to ask yourself about the space required for the installation of a weight station. This one can be quite imposing and it will also be necessary to envisage space around it for an optimal practice.

Finally, a designer weight station that integrates easily into the concept of your gym will necessarily be interesting to contribute to the general atmosphere. Choosing the right bodybuilding equipment is above all a matter of listening to and observing the needs of your customers.

It will be preferable to put the right price in a quality equipment. Indeed the equipment for a gym will be subjected to a very great use and must therefore be as practical as it is solid.

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Of course, it is up to you to choose the device according to the available options and the material already present in your space. Don’t hesitate to exchange with future users of the equipment. They will be able to answer your questions to help you choose the right equipment for your training room in relation to your expectations.

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